Civic education and contested democracy : towards a pedagogic state in the Netherlands post 1945

Author: Jong, Wim de
Document Types:Book
Media Types:Monographie
Publication Date:2020
Series:Palgrave studies in global citizenship, education and democracy
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (Cham)
Subjects:Niederlande ; Politische Bildung ; Geschichte 1945-2020
Collection:ULB Katalog; Original Catalogue
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Table of Contents:
  • Contents 1 Introduction 1 2 Moralizing Citizens. Democracy and Civic Education During Reconstruction (1945-1950) 23 3 Tolerance and Individuality. Debating Democracy in the 1950s 61 4 No Country for Old Men. Contesting Authority in the 1960s 99 5 Participation and Indoctrination. Education and Democracy in the Long 1970s 137 6 Moralism and Hedonism. Towards a Pedagogic State Since the 1980s 175 7 Outlook 217 Select Bibliography Index 227 245