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Remaking home

reconstructing life, place, and identity in Rome and Amsterdam

Titel: Remaking home
Untertitel: reconstructing life, place, and identity in Rome and Amsterdam
Verfasser: Korac, Maja
Verantwortlichkeit: Maja Korac
Erscheinungsdatum: 2009
Verlag/Hrsg.: Berghahn Books, New York u.a.
Zeitschrift/Reihe: Studies in forced migration ; 26
Dokumenttyp: Monographie
Schlagworte: Amsterdam; Rom; Jugoslawischer Flüchtling; Einwanderung; Soziale Situation
ISBN: 9781845453916
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Titel: Remaking home Autor: Korac, Maja Jahr: 2009 Contents Acknowledgements ix Introduction: Reconstructing Life, Place and Identity 1 Problems with Centring on the State 3 Rethinking Refugeehood: Focusing on Processes, Intersections and Agency 6 Liminality and Refugee Agency 9 Lived-In Worlds of Refugees: From Contexts to Processes 10 Policy Solutions and Types of Agency They Engender 12 A Note on Method: Focus on Refugee Voices 16 An Outline of the Book 20 1 The Question of Home: Place-making and Emplacement 25 Place, Home and Homeland 26 Territorially Bounded Places and Identities: Importance and Meanings 27 Orientation to Place and the Politics of Belonging 28 Links between Peoples, Places and Cultures: The Question of Community 31 Group and Cultural Identity as an Organising Principle for Incorporation 32 The Question of Community Organisations 33 Transnational Practices of Place-Making 34 Transnationalism and Homelessness 36 Ties with the New Home 37 Taking Control and Reconstructing Life 39 2 Experiences of Displacement: Force, Choice and the Creation of Solutions 44 The Mass Exodus of People from War-torn Yugoslavia: The Quest for Ethnic Purity and Territorial Cleansing 45 How One Makes a Decision to Leave and Where to Go? 49 Flight and Creation of Solutions: Agency and the Role of Social Networks 57 3 Regaining Control Over Life: Dependency, Self-sufficiency and Agency 61 Following the Rules in the Netherlands 62 Struggling to Survive in Italy 75 Problems with Refugee Assistance 91 4 Negotiating Continuity and Change: The Process of Reconstructing Life 94 Bonding Networks and the Emplacement of Refugees in Rome and Amsterdam 96 Bridging Social Networks and the Emplacement of Refugees in Amsterdam and Rome 104 Social Networks and Emplacement: The Process of Becoming of Place 114 5 Transnational Lives of Refugees, Questions of Citizenship, Belonging and Return 119 Transnational and Glocal Ties: A Sense of Continuity and Belonging 119 Transnational Strategies of Survival and Betterment 122 Transnationalism and the Changing Notion of Return 124 Citizenship: A Status or a Practice? 133 New Meanings of Citizenship, Belonging and Emplacement 137 Emplacement: A Process of Pluralisation 139 Appendices 143 Bibliography 161 Index 173