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The burgher and the whore

prostitution in early modern Amsterdam

Titel: The burgher and the whore
Untertitel: prostitution in early modern Amsterdam
Übersetzter Titel: De burger en de hoer
Verfasser: Pol, Lotte van de
Verantwortlichkeit: Lotte van de Pol
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Verlag/Hrsg.: Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford u.a.
Umfang: VII, 269 S.Ill.
Dokumenttyp: Monographie
Schlagworte: Amsterdam; Prostitution; Soziale Situation; Geschichte 1500-1700
Anmerkung: Includes bibliographical references and index. Based on a dissertation submitted to the Erasmus Univeristy of Rotterdam in 1996 and published by Wereldbibliotheek in Amsterdam as 'Het Amsterdams hoerdom'
Aus dem Niederländ. übers.
ISBN: 9780199211401
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Titel: The burgher and the whore Autor: Pol, Lotte van^de Jahr: 2011 Contents List of Illustrations ix Introduction i Prostitution and whoredom 4 The sources 7 About this edition 14 1. Amsterdam is the Academy of Whoredom: Prostitutes, Brothels, and Music Houses 18 Prostitutes by type 19 Courtesans and kept women 22 Women and men as organizers 24 Whorehouses 27 Music houses 29 Urban expansion and the introduction of street-lighting 34 Music houses and official policy 36 Violence in music houses 39 The elite turns its back on the music houses 40 2. Whores and scoundrels always talk of their honour: Honour, Prostitution, and the Respectable Citizenry 43 Criteria of honour 46 Female honour and male honour 48 Honour and disgrace in linguistic usage 49 The theft of honour 50 The margins of society 52 Neighbourhood conflicts over prostitution 56 Acceptance of prostitution? 62 The Jonkerstraat and the Ridderstraat 64 3. The caterpillar in a cabbage, the canker in the leg: Attitudes to Prostitution, Prostitutes, and Women 67 Abhorrence ofsilent whores 69 From caring mother to punishing father 70 Syphilis, or the great pox 74 Women as born whores 76 Het Amsterdamsch Hoerdom and DOpenhertige Juffrouw 79 Changes in the eighteenth century 81 The female perspective 86 The male perspective 88 4. The world cannot be governed with a Bible in the hand: Prosecution Policies and Their Background 91 Legislation 92 The judicial apparatus and legal proceedings 93 Remanding in custody 94 Punishments 95 The Spin House as symbol and reality 97 Prosecution policy in figures 102 The municipal authorities and the Reformed Church 104 Government and parental authority 107 Some prosecution trends in The reasoning behind the policy 112 5. The devil! I must have money for this: The Dark Side of Prosecution Policy 116 Pecuniary interest 118 The characters of the bailiff and his men 120 The police and the people 122 Buying off charges of adultery 125 The extortion case of 1739 128 Deputy Bailiff Schravenwaard and the West Frisian hay-farmer 131 Profits and punishments 133 The case of Deputy Bailiff Francois Spermondt 134 Was the Amsterdam police force corrupt? 137 6. Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Prostitutes, Clients, and Seafaring 141 Profile of prostitutes 142 Work, origins, and migration in context 144 A harlots progress 147 Amsterdams surplus of women 149 Clients 152 Prostitutes and VOC sailors 155 Seafaring 158 Sailorswives r6o 7. Miraculous tricks, to earn a living by idling: Sex for Money and Money for Sex 166 Terms of employment in prostitution 169 Debt 171 Clothes 176 Finding customers 182 Negotiations 186 Money for sex 187 Sex for money 191 Earnings 195 In conclusion 199 Notes 201 Appendix 1. Contemporary Writers on Amsterdam Music Houses and Prostitution 232 Appendix 2. Trials for Prostitution in Amsterdam by Decade, 1650-1749 239 Appendix j. Dutch Currency of the Early Modern Period 240 Bibliography 241 Index 259