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New York and Amsterdam

immigration and the new urban landscape

Titel: New York and Amsterdam
Untertitel: immigration and the new urban landscape
Verantwortlichkeit: ed. by Nancy Foner,Jan Rath, Jan Willem Duyvendak, and Rogier van Reekum
Weitere Beteiligte: Foner, Nancy ; Rath, Jan ; Duyvendak, Jan Willem, 1959- ; Reekum, Rogier van, 19XX-
Erscheinungsdatum: 2014
Verlag/Hrsg.: New York Univ. Press, New York u.a.
Umfang: VIII, 328 S.graph. Darst.
Dokumenttyp: Monographie
Schlagworte: New York, NY; Amsterdam; Einwanderung; Urbanität; Multikulturelle Gesellschaft; Aufsatzsammlung
ISBN: 9780814738092
Datenquelle: Benelux Katalog - ULB Münster ; Originalkatalog
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Titel: New York and Amsterdam Autor: Foner, Nancy Jahr: 2014 CONTENTS Acknowledgments vii Introduction: New York and Amsterdam: Immigration 1 and the New Urban Landscape Jan Rath, Nancy Foner, Jan Willem Duyvendak, and Rogier van Reekum PART I: HOW HAS THE IMMIGRANT PAST SHAPED 23 THE IMMIGRANT PRESENT IN NEW YORK CITY AND AMSTERDAM? 1. Immigration History and the Remaking of New York 29 Nancy Foner 2. To Amsterdam: Migrations Past and Present 52 Leo Lucassen PART II: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES THE URBAN ECONOMY 83 MAKE TO IMMIGRANT INCORPORATION? 3. Immigrants in New York Citys Economy: A Portrait 89 in Full Living Color David Dyssegaard Kallick 4. From Amsterdamned to I Amsterdam: The Amsterdam 107 Economy and Its Impact on the Labor Market Position of Migrants, 1980-2010 Robert C. Kloosterman PART III: IS ISLAM IN AMSTERDAM LIKE RACE IN 133 NEW YORK CITY? 5. Nativism, Racism, and Immigration in New York City 143 Mary C. Waters 6. Governing through Religion in Amsterdam: 170 The Stigmatization of Ethnic Cultures and the Uses of Islam Justus Uitermark, Jan Willetn Duyvendak, and Jan Rath PART IV. HOW ARE IMMIGRANTS ENTERING THE 195 PRECINCTS OF POWER IN NEW YORK CITY AND AMSTERDAM? 7. The Rise of Immigrant Influence in New York City Politics 203 John Mollenkopf 8. Immigrant Political Engagement and Incorporation 230 in Amsterdam Floris Vermeulen, Laure Michon, and Jean Tillie PART V: HOW ARE THE CHILDREN OF IMMIGRANTS 257 SHAPED BY AND ALSO CHANGING NEW YORK CITYS AND AMSTERDAMS CULTURAL LIFE? 9. Immigrants, the Arts, and the Second-Generation 263 Advantage in New York Philip Kasinitz 10. Immigrant Youths Contribution to Urban Culture 287 in Amsterdam Christine Delhaye, Sawitri Saharso, and Victor van de Yen About the Contributors 311 Index 317