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Urban achievement in early modern Europe

golden ages in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London

Titel: Urban achievement in early modern Europe
Untertitel: golden ages in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London
Verantwortlichkeit: ed. by Patrick O'Brien ....
Weitere Beteiligte: O'Brien, Patrick Karl, 1932-
Erscheinungsdatum: 2008
Verlag/Hrsg.: Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge u.a.
Umfang: XIV, 361 S.Ill., graph. Darst., Kt.
Dokumenttyp: Monographie
Ausgabe: Digitally printed version
Schlagworte: London; Antwerpen; Amsterdam; Kulturleben; Wirtschaft; Aufsatzsammlung; Geschichte 1660-1730; Geschichte 1492-1585
ISBN: 9780521594080
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Titel: Urban achievement in early modern Europe Autor: OBrien, Patrick Karl Jahr: 2008 Contents List of figures page viii List of tables x List of contributors xi Part 1 Early modern cities as sources and sites for achievement 1 Reflections and mediations on Antwerp, Amsterdam and London in their golden ages 3 PATRICK OBRIEN Part 2 Economic growth and demographic change 2 No town in the world provides more advantages: economies of agglomeration and the golden age of Antwerp 39 MICHAEL LIMBERGER 3 Clusters of achievement: the economy of Amsterdam in its golden age 63 CLÉ LESGER 4 The economy of London, 1660-1730 81 PETER EARLE Part 3 Architecture and urban space 5 Antwerp in its golden age: one of the largest cities in the Low Countries and one of the best fortified in Europe 99 PIET LOMBAERDE 6 The glorious city: monumentalism and public space in seventeenth-century Amsterdam 128 MARJOLEIN T HART 7 Architecture and urban space in London 151 JUDI LOACH vi Contents Part 4 Fine and decorative arts 8 The fine and decorative arts in Antwerps golden age 173 HANS VLIEGHE 9 The rise of Amsterdam as a cultural centre: the market for paintings, 1580-1680 186 MARTEN JAN BOK 10 Cultural production and import substitution: the fine and decorative arts in London, 1660-1730 210 DAVID ORMROD Part 5 Books and publishing 11 Antwerp: books, publishing and cultural production before 1585 233 WERNER WATERSCHOOT 12 Metropolis of print: the Amsterdam book trade in the seventeenth century 249 PAUL HOFTIJZER 13 Printing, publishing and reading in London, 1660-1720 264 ADRIAN JOHNS Part 6 Scientific and useful knowledge 14 Science for sale: the metropolitan stimulus for scientific achievements in sixteenth-century Antwerp 287 GEERT VANPAEMEL 15 Amsterdam as a centre of learning in the Dutch golden age, c. 1580-1700 305 KAREL DAVIDS 16 Philosophers in the counting-houses: commerce, coffee- houses and experiment in early modern London 326 LARRY STEWART Index 346